American Made

by Poppa Steve

Released 2015
Dry Heat Records
Released 2015
Dry Heat Records
A tribute to music created in and unique to America ie. Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country wrapped up in Fusion Jazz.
Good ol’ American Music … Jazz, Blues, Country, Soul and Pop. We’ve heard ‘em all as long as we’ve been on this planet. Grew up with our favorites and long to hear ‘em again today, or at least a simulation of them.

That’s why we think you’ll find American Made a treat. It mixes all those types of music together and wraps it up in Soul Jazz. Enjoy.

Cool Music

I call my music "Americana Funk", a retro salute to the early days when music was created here and not imported from Europe. This music has evolved into what we know today as Rock & Roll, R&B, Country, Jazz, Soul, Folk and Blues. I go back to those beginnings for solos and riffs and wrap it all up in contemporary Jazz for cool modern sounds with a touch of nostalgia to them. I draw on my experience as a drummer and bandleader (1958 - 1972), producer (1970 - 2000), and digital music composer and music arranger (2005 - present). I put everything I know and love into this music and sincerely hope you enjoy the groove. Poppa Steve

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