As I Hear It

by Poppa Steve

Released 2017
Dry Heat Records
Released 2017
Dry Heat Records
Americana Funk - Instrumental Classic Rock, Country, Blues and R&B wrapped up in contemporary Soul Jazz grooves for a unique "new" yet familiar retro sound.
Classic Rock, Blues, and R&B are the soul of what we now call Americana. It’s music that was created here in the USA in the very early to the mid 20th Century. It was also noticeably more “funky” than the concertos and minuets that came from across the pond. I call my version of this genre Americana Funk. Surely you can guess why!

Oh, and we can’t forget Country! If Classic Rock, …
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Cool Music

I call my music "Americana Funk", a retro salute to the early days when music was created here and not imported from Europe. This music has evolved into what we know today as Rock & Roll, R&B, Country, Jazz, Soul, Folk and Blues. I go back to those beginnings for solos and riffs and wrap it all up in contemporary Jazz for cool modern sounds with a touch of nostalgia to them. I draw on my experience as a drummer and bandleader (1958 - 1972), producer (1970 - 2000), and digital music composer and music arranger (2005 - present). I put everything I know and love into this music and sincerely hope you enjoy the groove. Poppa Steve

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