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Oh My, Yes

Poppa Steve

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Groove jazz - funkier than smooth jazz, mellower than acid jazz, more danceable than most all jazz formats with a touch of classic rock, retro r&b, and a tip o' the hat to blues thrown in.

Poppa Steve Mutimer began his musical career at age 8 with his first set of drums. He took lessons from Benny Goodman’s noted big band drummer, Ray Mann, until age 12.

At 15 he formed his first band, The Rhythm Kings, in hometown, Rockford, IL in 1958. The group was the first rock ‘n roll band in the city and became a huge local success for the next 3 years during high school. The Kings cut two records, both of which were regionally successful, with one tune, Maj, reaching the local Top 10 and earning a “bullet” in Billboard Magazine.

After a stint in the US Navy, Steve formed his second band, The Daze & Knights, which became a back up road band for the William Morris Agency, Chicago office, working with their hit vocalists and vocal groups of the time such as The Four Tops, Bobby Goldsboro, The Chiffons, The Crystals, Jimmy Clanton, Brian Highland, Dee Dee Sharp … to name a few. This group lasted from 1965 to 1968.

Leaving the road after 3 years and newly married, Steve went to work in local radio in Rockford and played drums in an immensely popular club band, The Exceptions, in South Beloit, Wisconsin until the mid 70s when he finally hung up his sticks.

For the next 30 years, Steve owned his own advertising agency in Rockford and later San Diego where he wrote and produced hundreds of musical scores for client jingles, AV shows and television programs. One of his scores won a TV EMMY for best music composition.

Finally Steve retired from the ad biz and moved to Arizona. With the advent of new musical digital technology over the past several years he furthered his musical skills even more by doing his own composing, programming and editing for personal pleasure. This “hobby” led to eleven CDs so far, produced over the past 4 years.

Still getting better (after all these years) combining computer generated tracks, pre-recorded loops, and live musicians (particularly stepson, DG Mattingley, on guitars), Steve hopes to continue producing “feel good” music for new found fans, friends, and his own enjoyment.

What Radio Says …

What an album! For those unaware of the works of Poppa Steve Mutimer, you don't know what you are or have been missing. Steve's latest album, Ooo Ahhh, contains so many elements one doesn't know where to start. Listening to it is a musical journey in itself and varies each time you listen, as there is always something new to discover. A hidden note here, a change of tempo there a bit more fusion there and the musicianship simply and easily increases each time. This album has traits of Chill, Funk, Jazz, Latin and even a bit of New Country. What a mix and what a great talent lies behind its composition; get hold of a copy now and be ahead of the hordes before they latch on!
Tony Bates - 100.7 Highlands FM, Victoria, Australia

Whoa baby!! What a great groove you’ve got goin'! I love the uplift and happy poppin' tunes herein. Nice interplay between y'all. My faves are "Let’s Burn One" & "Cute Butts" but the whole deal is a play, man. I'll be airing them all throughout the summer on my show '"COOL JOOLZ". Thanks. Mitchell Mendys, WKNH, Keene, NH

Many thanks for “Smokin’”. This is a first class recording, the very essence of "funky" and "groovy", to use the old music cliches. Eminently listenable Jazz with excellent and refreshingly new tunes, well arranged with quality rhythms and lively tempo. The playing throughout is superb and grooves along nicely to the melodies. This will certainly feature in my future Jazz Programmes on K.C.R. Great work. Best Wishes. John Reid, Radio 102.8FM, Keith Banffshire, Scotland

HOLY MOLY, A fresh and not so fresh approach, in here you'll hear it all, woven into a totally pleasurable listening experience. Rest assured there's a lot more at work here than Poppa Steve, he's surrounded himself with talented folks. Bravo Y'all. I haven't been this stoked since I first heard Spooky Daly Pride or Keller Williams. –- Dusty Durst, KCLC FM89.1, Independence, MO

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